Can You Plant Carrots With Strawberries? (The Facts)

Companion planting is a great technique. If you are planning to go for it, you must have heard about how some plants are better suited for this technique.

Strawberries and carrots both are great choices for companion planting. But can you plant carrots with strawberries, here is all you need to know.

Can You Plant Carrots With Strawberries?

Yes, you can plant carrots with strawberries. Strawberries are a very friendly plant and can grow well with many fruits, vegetables, and ornamental varieties. On the other hand, carrots also have a lot of great companions.

Though carrots and strawberries make a good combination, there are better pairs than this. So, if you have other options, I suggest going for them.

Companion planting is a very old technique and is found to be really helpful. However, gardeners must be careful when choosing the varieties for companion planting, as only some plants are suitable for this technique. Some fruits/vegetables are more favorable for this process than others.

Strawberries are one of the most suitable choices for companion planting. They can be planted with many other fruits/vegetables/ornamental plants, such as dandelions, caraway, horseradish, onions, thyme, sage, asparagus, and borage.

What are the Benefits of Planting Carrots With Strawberries?

Carrots and strawberries can prove to be great companions for each other. They can help loosen soil for the other plant, maximize the yield, amend the soil structure, and help keep the weeds out.

Here are some benefits of planting carrots with strawberries.

Loosen Soil: Strawberries need aerated soil for growth, and aerating soil is a hassle. However, with carrots, the soil aeration automatically gets better. As carrots dig deep into the soil, they make the soil structure favorable for strawberries. So, if you plan to plant strawberries and find out that soil isn’t suitable for that, try companion planting these two, and you will have a perfect yield.

Maximize Yield: You are getting more yield as you plant two different things in one space; that’s a no-brainer. But, each of these varieties is supposed to have better and healthier yields when grown together compared to when grown alone. So, you can expect a maximized yield.

Amend the Soil: As mentioned, strawberries need aerated soil for better growth, and carrots help in soil aeration. So, these two plants can amend the soil to each other’s benefit, thus proving to be great companions for each other.

Keep the Weeds Out: Weeds mostly grow in empty areas. If most of your garden is empty, it’s high time you consider companion planting to occupy the empty space. As soon as you fill in the empty space, the weeds disappear.

So, along with all the nutritional and structural benefits of planting carrots and strawberries together, you are also getting rid of weeds.

What Might Be Potential Drawbacks of Planting Carrots With Strawberries?

Two potential drawbacks of planting carrots and strawberries include competition and external variables. Though competition is inevitable, you can minimize it by ensuring the right distance when planting. Secondly, you can check external variables beforehand.

Competition for Water and Nutrients: Competition for water and nutrients is the main concern regarding companion plants. Though it is a great technique, it can destroy the whole purpose if not done well. So, make sure you plant them at the right distance. Otherwise, they will end up disrupting the nutrient availability of each other.

External Variables: Though every plant has specific needs, the temperature and external requirements may vary depending on the geographical location and environment. Also, you can expect a little change when planting two different varieties together.

So, before planting carrots and strawberries together, make sure you do some research according to your area. Otherwise, it might not result in something good.

How to Plant Carrots With Strawberries?

The right way to plant strawberries and carrots is to make rows of 4 – 6 inches (0.3 – 0.5 feet) and interplant carrots among the strawberries. The key is to keep a safe distance so every plant gets proper nutrients and water.

How to Care for Carrots With Strawberries?

You can take care of carrots with strawberries by looking after the following points,

  • Make sure you plant them at a suitable distance, so they don’t compete for water and nutrients.
  • Keep the environment in mind when deciding to plant carrots and strawberries.
  • Though carrots can help aerate the soil, don’t leave it unattended. Make sure you work on soil management.
  • Be careful of the shade. None of your plants should cover others unless you deliberately plant shade-loving varieties under other plants.