ARS vs. Felco: Which Pruners are Better?

Buying a good pruner is an important thing. You want it to be high-quality, and long-lasting.

Two big companies- ARS, and Felco make pruners, but which ones are better? I’ll tell you that in this post!

ARS Pruners: at a Glance

ARS company was established back in 1876. They employ almost 200 employees. Their head office is in Osaka, Japan.

ARS produces mostly gardening tools, but also products for home use to industrial use such as crafting, stationary, hardware, and cooking.

The Japanese company puts emphasis on inspection, and control systems. They inspect products at every stage, including “Raw Material”, “Manufacturing” and “Final Products”. The final inspections are done manually, reducing the number of faulty products to a minimum.

They developed a light and easy-to-handle pruner, that was produced in different methods by separating the cutting heads and grips.

That being said, their know-how, and individual attitude to each product, make their pruners one of the best options on the market.

Felco Pruners: at a Glance

Felco is a Swiss company founded by Felix Flisch in 1945, exporting their products previously to European countries, but with time, worldwide.

The company offers innovative and durable solutions to commercial pruning and cutting markets for the professional market, and domestic users.

They make very high-quality tools by making use of precise procedures, with excellence in mind.

In 1948, Felco launched its most popular product until today, which is the pruner FELCO 2.

At the moment, they offer 29 different types of pruners. Each of them is made to be ergonomic, and durable. Moreover, their pruners offer the interchangeability of all parts.


ARS makes one of the best pruners on the market when it comes to performance. Their products are able to cut almost any plant. ARS pruners make clean cuts consistently.

Build quality is amazing. You can use their pruners comfortably, and they are very sharp. They are a nice size for pruning up to 1/2†(1,25 cm). In other words, ARS pruners slice through fairly thick limbs like a hot knife through butter.

Felco pruners aren’t worse. They cut through anything up to nearly an inch (2, 5 cm) in diameter. Even with lots of repeated uses, they are very comfortable.

Felco pruners feel good in the hands and are very sturdy. They will let you prune everything that needs pruning.

It’s not easy to decide whether ARS, or Felco make better pruners in terms of performance. However, I think Felco wins, because of its great sharpness, and comfort of use.


ARS pruners are designed very simply. They feature a plastic, lightweight non-slip grip. It’s ergonomic and prevents injuries.

The blades are made out of hardened chrome-plated steel to provide maximum performance and durability. They are extra strong and resistant to corrosion. Marquenche hardened.

Felco almost never changes the design of their pruners. The hardened steel blades are exceptionally well-made and super sharp. A hardened nut and bolt allow for exact, micrometric adjustment of both the cutting and anvil blades.

The forged aluminum metal handles have a sophisticated shock absorption system and a non-slip, candy red coating, which makes for a secure grip.

The design of a pruner is an individual thing, but in my opinion, ARS pruners look better and have a more secure grip.

Ease of Cleaning

ARS pruners are extremely easy to clean. With each cut, the debris, and sap, clean themselves. However, it’s recommended to clean ARS pruners after use to avoid corrosion.

You should sharpen your ARS pruner regularly to maintain the best cutting performance.

Felco pruners are also great when it comes to cleaning. To help maintain the luster of the blades and handles, you should clean, and oil the pruner every once in a while.

For deeper cleaning, you can take their pruners apart once or twice in a season. Debris, sap, and dirt tend to get between pieces, so you should sometimes do it to prolong your pruner’s lifespan.

Both ARS, and Felco pruners are easy to clean. I think Felco pruners are a bit easier to disassemble and reassemble, so they win in this category.


ARS pruners aren’t really expensive. Their pricing ranges from $17 to $70. I’d recommend their pruners that cost around $50, like the ARS ARS-VS-8XZ model. This is a good investment and will serve you for years to come.

When it comes to Felco pruners, they cost similarly. You can get them for as low as $25, and up to $70. They have a 1-year warranty, and the parts are replaceable. Moreover, the handles have a lifetime warranty.

The pricing of both companies is similar. However, Felco has an advantage, because it offers an attractive warranty option.

ARC Pruners: Pros and Cons


  • Sharp pruning
  • Great quality of materials
  • Comfortable to handle


  • When they get sticky, they might not close/open automatically

Felco Pruners: Pros and Cons


  • Durable
  • Great for almost any plant
  • Finest quality


  • More expensive than the competition

ARS vs. Felco: Which Pruners are Better?

It’s not that easy to tell which company makes better pruners, because differences are slight, however…

Felco pruners are better than ARS pruners because they are usually sharper, better quality, and more durable. Moreover, they come with a lifetime warranty for the handles.

If I were to choose which model of Felco pruners to choose, I, opt for the Felco 2 that you can buy here on Amazon. The Felco 2 is the most renowned product of this company. It’s not cheap, but if you maintain it properly, it will serve you for decades. It’s made out of durable elements, is sharp, comfortable to use, and you can easily replace its parts.

If you want to buy an ARS pruner, probably the best option is the ARS ARS-VS-8XZ. You can buy it here on Amazon. It’s made out of hardened material, and easy to hold. It should also serve you many years.