Charlie Carp vs. Seasol: Differences Explained

Besides water, our beloved plants need extra pampering from time to time to boost their growth. Companies like Charlie Carp and Seasol produce fantastic products to enrich our crops with additional nutrients, allowing them to grow faster and bigger.

While comparing Charlie Carp vs. Seasol, it’s imperative to understand the differences in the products of both brands.

Although both are extremely useful for our gardens, their purposes are slightly different. So, in this article, we will explore both these companies and their differences.

Charlie Carp: at a Glance

Charlie carp is a fish emulsion that is designed for residential and commercial use.

Its fertilizers are made of European Carp that come in the following different formulations:

  • All Purpose Fertilizers
  • Premium Organic Fertilizers
  • FishWorks Pellets

These fertilizers provide enormous nutritional value and can be used on pretty much everything, including outdoor plants, crops, vegetables, fruits, seedlings, herbs, lawn grass & turfs, indoor plants, etc.

Seasol: at a Glance

Seasol is a seaweed concentrate in liquid form made from Ascophyllum nodosum and Durvillaea potatorum. In addition, Seasol has an impressive collection of garden care products, including insect spray, foliar spray, liquid compost, soil booster, and more.

It is important to know that regular Seasol products like seaweed concentrate are not fertilizers. It is, in fact, regarded as a tonic and soil conditioner.

But the company also sells PowerFeed, a fertilizer packed with additional nutrients. It is a liquid fish fertilizer that can help all types of plants grow healthier by increasing their nutrient uptake.

Charlie Carp vs. Seasol- What are the Differences?

Charlie Carp is organic, while Seasol isn’t. The basic version of Seasol also lacks Nitrogen and, therefore, cannot be used as a fertilizer while Charlie Carp is an all-purpose fertilizer.

On the other hand presence of seaweed extract along with fish oil makes Seasol PowerFeed (with added Nitrogen) a perfect soil conditioner and a liquid fertilizer. The NPK of Charlie Carp is 10:1:6, while the basic version of Seasol has almost zero NPK.

The primary difference between both brands is that Charlie Carp produces organically based liquid fish fertilizers. Meanwhile, Seasol has numerous products in its catalog, including a fertilizer.

Charlie Carp All Purpose Fertilizer offers ample nutrition as it is filled with nitrogen, phosphorus, proteins, and omega-3 oils. Due to high nitrogen and phosphorous content, this fertilizer encourages faster plant growth and improved greening.

Since it is an all-purpose fertilizer, it can be used for everything, like indoor & outdoor plants, crops, lawns, and turfs.

Its formula can improve the soil structure and immune system of plants. Plus, it works well with all climatic conditions and plant varieties.

Seasol’s PowerFeed fertilizer is also a liquid fish fertilizer rich in nutrients and soil conditioners.

In addition, this product contains seaweed extract, which has long been linked with improving soil structure and moisture retention. Seaweed nutrients also encourage good soil microbes, resulting in rich, nutritious soil for vegetable gardens or flower beds.

Overall, it improves foliage color, stimulates plant growth, and soil microbial activity.

Similar to Charlie Carp Fertilizer, PowerFeed can also be used on all types of plants as an all-purpose application. However, the latter’s NPK value (12:1.4:7) is higher than Charlie Carp’s (10:1:6).

In the following table, we’ll compare different products of both brands and see the differences.

ProductMain Ingredients
Charlie Carp All Purpose FertilizerHydrolyzed whole fish and extra nutrients( high in nitrogen and phosphorous)
Charlie Carp Premium Organic FertilizerHydrolyses whole fish and extra nutrients
Charlie Carp PelletsWhole fish and extra nutrients
Seasol Seaweed SolutionSeaweed
Seasol Liquid CompostSeaweed, fish, extra nutrients, and liquid compost
Seasol PowerFeedSeaweed, fish, soil conditioners, and extra nutrients

What is Charlie Carp Best for?

Charlie Carp has different organically-based fertilizers in its collection that are ideal for the well-being of your plants. These fertilizers are compatible with pretty much everything you grow in your garden.

While deciding to pick the best possible fertilizer, it’s crucial to take your budget and your desired outcomes into account. There are not many dissimilarities between All Purpose and Organic Fertilizers. Both are natural, nutrient-rich, liquid fertilizers. However, one of the main differences is that the former product is richer in NPK and can deliver results faster.

  • So, All-purpose (NPK: 10:1:6) is perfect if you want immediate results, such as greener-looking grass and more lush foliage. In addition, you can expect to see vigorous leaf growth, deep greening, and higher disease resistance due to its high NPK value.
  • Premium Organic Fertilizer (NPK: 2:0.4:0.75), on the other hand, is not designed to deliver instant results. It is a slow-release formula that releases nutrients gradually.

If you are growing crops and want it all organic from the soil to the plate, Organic fertilizers should be your choice.

It is important to note that even though it is a slow-release product, it has long-term advantages for the soil and plant. Both products work best when used on their own as they don’t need any product blending.

What is Seasol Best for?

Seasol PowerFeed contains all the necessary nutrients and can be applied to all kinds of plants and shrubs. As a high NPK fertilizer topped with seaweed benefits, this product is designed to produce the best outcomes possible in every area, including healthy growth, better flowering, extra greening, and improved soil conditions.

Along with accelerating growth, it promotes the development of biological communities in the soil.

  • If you are growing crops and want them to grow steadily in a healthy environment, know that PowerFeed (NPK: 12:1.4:7) can help you achieve your goals. Since the formula is pretty impressive, you can use this product completely on its own without blending it with another product.
  • However, if you have Seasol seaweed solution (0.1:0.001:1.5), you should apply it with nutrient-rich fertilizer to maximize the results.


In an ideal situation, you should use a fertilizer like Seasol PowerFeed, which contains all the elements that let your plants flourish. With this fertilizer, plants grow quicker and are more lushly landscaped.

You can go for a Charlie Carp fertilizer if you want a 100% organic and pure product. Their fertilizers are equally beneficial for your garden. However, you will have to wait a bit longer to witness noticeable results.

It can be tricky to choose one product over the other, since both are advantageous for our plants. I am also aware that different factors can influence your choices, such as your budget, types of plants, and crops.