Ivy With Blue Flowers? (Name Identification)

Are you looking for ivy with blue flowers?

Don’t leave. I’ve found 4 ivies with blue flowers, so you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

1. Morning Glory

Morning glory with blue flowers
Source: ferrymorse.com

The ivy with blue flowers that you’re looking for is probably the Morning Glory. As the name suggests, most morning glory flowers unfurl into full bloom in the early morning.

With slender stems and heart-shaped leaves, their trumpet-shaped flowers come in colors of blue, pink, purple-blue, magenta, or white. Their fragrant, colorful flowers are not only attractive to our eyes, but also beloved by butterflies and hummingbirds.

The variety with blue flowers is called Heavenly Blue and is one of the most popular varieties of Morning Glory.

This drought-tolerant plant grows quickly up to 10 feet (3 m) in one season, and can self-seed fairly easily, too. 

2. Clematis

clematis with blue flowers
Source: gardencrossings.com

Clematis is a popular perennial climber or trailing plant, hardy in USDA Hardiness Zones 4 through 8. Small-flowering varieties produce an abundance of blossoms that last longer than larger ones. Many varieties are scented. Some are vines, while others are shrub, or trailing types.

Their flowers come in an array of shapes and colors. However, the most popular one is purple, or blue with a yellow center. Bloom time ranges from late spring to fall, depending on the type and variety.

Whether it’s a summer-blooming variety with large, showy blooms, or a fall-blooming type of clematis with hundreds of smaller flowers, these vines make a stunning statement

3. Blue Sky Vine

Source: gardenia.net

Thunbergia Grandiflora, also known as Blue Sky Wine, is an evergreen vine, also grown as an annual. It has large, heart-shaped leaves 4-8 inches (10-20 cm) long, and trumpet-shaped purple, or lavender-blue flowers 3 inches (7 cm) across, with a yellow or white center.

Blue Sky Wine blooms throughout the summer and fall, and all year long in tropical countries. This flower grows up to 6-8 ft. (180-240 cm) tall in one season. Thunbergia Grandiflora requires support on which to climb, like fence, arbor, or trellis.

You can spot this flower in zones 8-11.

4. Blue Butterfly Pea

Source: stlherbsandaromatics.com

Blue Butterfly Pea is one of the most amazingly blue-colored flowers in the plant world. This small growing but vigorous annual or tender perennial vine produces loads of brilliant deep blue flowers with recurving and overlapping petals with a white to creamy yellow throat.

It can be successfully overwintered but it’s easier just to save a few seeds to plant in spring. The young tender fruits are edible but are considered unpalatable by some.

It’s blooming in mid to late summer. The blossoms last only half a day, but they bloom daily during flowering season.

The flower is easy to grow, and it can be found in wide variety of habits in nature. Grows up to 5-6 ft (150-180 cm) tall. It’s drought tolerant once established. Grows in 5-11 hardiness zones.


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