How Fast Does Fatsia Japonica Grow? (the Facts)

Do you wonder how fast, and tall, the Fatsia Japonica grows?

In this article, you will get to know everything about its growth, and I will reveal to you how to make it grow even bigger.

How Fast Does Fatsia Japonica Grow?

Fatsia Japonica grows on average 1 foot per year (30 cm). However, its growth is the fastest in the first 3 years, when it can reach up to 8 feet (240 cm). In the next years, Fatsia Japonica grows slower-about 0.5 feet (15 cm) per year.

Fastia Japonica, like other plants, experience rapid growth in the first few years after planting. In the first 3 years, it grows on average 2.6 feet (78 cm) per year. Then its growth rate slows down.

For the proper growth, you need to ensure the right conditions that we will talk about in this article.

How Big Does Fatsia Japonica Get?

Fatsia Japonica typically grows up to 15 feet (460 cm) tall, and 10 feet (300 cm) wide. However, older plants, if maintained properly, can be 20 feet (610 m) tall, and 12 feet (365 cm) wide.

What Time of the Year Does Fatsia Japonica Grow the Most?

Fatsia Japonica grows fast from spring to fall, however, its growth is the most rapid in the summer.

In the summer, Fatsia Japonica receives a good amount of sun. If it doesn’t receive too much sun, this plant grows rapidly. If you water it frequently, the days aren’t too hot (below 80 °F, or 26 °C), and provide the right nutrients, these are the perfect conditions for Fatsia Japonica to grow fast.

If the shrub is less than 3 years, in the summer alone, it can grow about 1.4 feet (40 cm) taller. In the spring it grows about 0.7 feet (24 cm), and in the fall, about 0.5 feet (15 cm). After 3 years, Fatsia Japonica grows way slower in the summer-about 0.3 feet (10 cm).

How Long Does it Take Fatsia Japonica to Reach Mature Size?

Fatsia Japonica lifespan is about 15 years. After this time, this shrub reaches its mature size, growing usually up to 15 feet tall (457 cm). In extreme cases, it can be 20 feet high (600 cm).

You can expect your Fatsia Japonica to grow about 15 feet (457 cm) tall. However, in most cases, your plant will be shorter. It grows that big only in perfect conditions.

If you want your Fatsia Japonica to grow 15 feet, you should provide it with the perfect amount of sun, keep the soil moisture all the time, the humidity needs to be perfect, the temperature also needs to be not too high, and not too low, and of course, you need to feed the shrub properly.

Let’s be honest. There are things we can’t control, like light, temperature, or humidity. Therefore, your Fatsia Japonica probably won’t reach 15 feet. However, if after 15 years, the shrub reaches 10 feet (300 cm), it means that you did a good job.

What Factors Determine the Growth Speed of Fatsia Japonica?

There are several factors that determine the growth speed of Fatsia Japonica.


Fatsia Japonica grows the fastest when it’s located in medium to full shade. It’s not accustomed to full sun. Full sun isn’t only slowing down the growth, but also might injure leaves. If Fatsia Japonica is receiving more than 6 hours of sunlight per day, it might cause foliage to turn brown, and burn. Also, the more intensive the sun, the slower the plant grows.


Fatsia Japonica requires regular watering to grow properly. Therefore, you need to water it frequently, but not too deeply. On average, you should water Fatsia Japonica 3 times per week. It’s enough to keep the soil moist. If the days are hotter, you can consider watering it more often. As a rule of thumb, you should water this shrub as soon as the soil isn’t moist. However, don’t let the let sit in the puddle. Fatsia Japonica grows best in moist, but not soggy soil, and it is slowing down its growth in dry soil


Fatsia Japonica isn’t demanding when it comes to soil. It thrives in slightly acidic, and compost-rich soil. However, it grows fast also in alkaline soil. It can grow well in heavy clay soil, light soil or even soil mixed with chalk. Fatsia Japonica grows best in humid areas.


This shrub prefers temperatures of 8-11 US planting zones. Therefore, in the summer, Fatsia Japonica grows the fastest when the temperature is between 60-80 °F (15-26 °C). When the temperature is higher, this plant tends to slow down its growth. Fatsia Japonica also requires a cooler season. When it’s dormant, the right temperature for this shrub is 45-55 °F (7-13 °C).


If you don’t want your Fatasia Japonica to grow sluggishly, you need to make sure you provide it with enough nutrients. Use a shrub or tree fertilizer that contains nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium in a 12-6-6 ratio. You can buy this one on Amazon. Nitrogen is especially important. If there is not enough nitrogen, then there is no chlorophyll, no photosynthesis, no energy production, and no growth.

How Can You Make Fatsia Japonica Grow Faster?

If you want to speed up the growth of your Fatsia Japonica, you can stick to the rules below. They will make your shrub grow about 10% quicker.

  1. Add compost to your soil- It enriches the soil, helping retain moisture and suppress plant diseases and pests.
  2. Apply fertilizer-You can use organic fertilizer, like manures, compost, bone meal, or chemical one. They will provide nutrients and make the growth faster.
  3. Water regularly-Water the Fatsia Japonica so the soil is moist, and don’t let it ever dry out.
  4. Plant in the right location-The plant can’t be overexposed to the sun. It shouldn’t receive more than 6 hours of sun per day.
  5. Bury banana peels in the soil-Banana peels are rich in potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus. They will boost growth and provide health to your plant.
  6. Compost tea-Dilute the tea in water in the ratio of 1:4 and spray it directly into the soil using a sprayer or water can. It allows plants to grow stronger and quicker.